We buy young foals at well established breeders. We set a high value in an healthy and horse appropriate upbringing. Periodic appointments with blacksmiths, de-worming, immunisation (tetanus, influenza, herpes) are for us a matter of course. A appropriate nutrition with mineral feed is also important for us. In the winter time the foals also get enough outside activity as well as activity with the horse walker.

We want to thank Mr. Hubert Vogler from Ellwangen (breeder of Reservesiegerhengstes 2012 in Munich -Riem) for the great work he does for us.

The foals do not come to us before they reach the age of three years. Then they are gently prepared and begin riding and after a while they start with jumping. Our horses are classically educated due to the guide lines of the FN but also get personalized treatment.

The horses are presentated on public horse jumping events when they turn five years.

Paddock- and grazing time, field riding and movement on a treadmill are part of our daily training.

We stand for a solid horse education which is horse and age appropriate.