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Annette Hynek tl_files/themes/HYNEK_PFERDESPORT_01_ORDNER/images/content/IMG_5090.jpg

Retail saleswoman

Horse landlord breeding/service

Annette Hynek is responsibe for all sales activities.
Telephone: +49 171-3015525

She is responsible for the overall operating schedule.








Matthias Alexander Wernertl_files/themes/HYNEK_PFERDESPORT_01_ORDNER/BILDERORDNER/maw1_1.jpg

aster certification in equestrian management focus on breeding and  keeping
breeding judge FN
Descending from a renown horse breeding family, he is a passionate rider and breeding specialist on its own. He is also a longtime Studbook Commissioner of the Trakehner union and Kennzeichnungsbeauftragter and Bewertungskommissar for Holsteiner and Hannoveraner.
On top of that he takes care of customers in Germany an abroad.
We are very happy to have found him as a specialist for our horse breeding venture. He also enriches our team when it comes to the education of our future horse landlords breeding/service.



Lisa Rix

Lisa Rix started her apprenticeship in December 2015. Descending from a riders family she is not only infected with the "horse virus" but she is already very skilled in the treatment of horses. Her bright and humorous character as well as her intense interest in a deep horse knowledge and her riding skills impress the Hynek team.